Why choose copper jewelry

Why choose copper jewelry

If until recently there was no problem to wear copper jewelry, in recent years this metal has become increasingly popular. The fascinating color and the unique models conquered the public, as well as the possible therapeutic valences of copper.

She entered the fashion industry spectacularly with her massivejewelry, the so-called blig-bling accessories. We find it in the huge earrings returned from the fashion of the ’80s, in the exuberant statement necklaces, but also in brooches, rings or bracelets created by artists.

The copper of this metal and the unexpected beauty of the made of copper place it in the top of the preferences of jewelry lovers from all over the world. We find the beauty of jewelryart from ancient times. Many of the on store shelves are inspired by patterns discovered in ancient treasures.


Guaranteed originality

We find that new shapes, sizes and textures can be “invented” in terms of accessories. It is a versatile material that can highlight any type of outfit.

Get rid of the motononia of gold or silver jewelry. It brings you an original note and you can create outfits inspired by the copper ring, bracelet or earrings. You will no longer be exposed to robberies. Thieves are not attracted to cheap materials. It is very unlikely that you will wear the same models with someone else.

Copper jewelry is produced in very limited stocks. Many times, we can find accessories at the craft fairs according to the same model, but neither is similar to the other.


How to avoid oxidation of copper jewelry

Like silver, copper oxidizes very quickly. It changes color and can leave dark spots on the skin. Sometimes it is a consequence of the reaction of the metal with the air, with the secretions of the skin, but also with the creams and perfumes that we apply.

In order not to have to deal with oxidation, it is recommended not to wear jewelry for days on end, but to alternate every day with other accessories. Also, copper items are not worn on hot days. Even when we are constantly approaching surfaces that emit heat.

In specialty stores there are antioxidant solutions or creams that are applied to copper objects, then applied with a special varnish. It is purchased from the same type of stores.

Copper jewelry regulates energy

In other words, it is said that this metal has therapeutic values, relieves the effects of arthritis and regulates metabolism. It would also have an antimicrobial effect and an energy protection role.

In the specialized media there is even talk about copper therapy. Copper plates are applied at certain times over diseased areas to adjust the magnetic field accordingly. Also, wearing copper jewelry would regulate positive energies and block their “leakage” from the body.

Jewelry combinations

It is considered a lucky metal, and this makes it suitable for any combination with other elements.

In terms of jewelry, copper can be joined in balanced proportions with silver, brass, alpaca or other metals. The rule of combining ornaments of several metals stipulates that neither should dominate the others. It can be joined by semiprecious stones, amber or crystals.

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