Tips: Motorbike Servicing for Maintain and clean your motorcycle to better resell it

Tips: Motorbike Servicing for Maintain and clean your motorcycle to better resell it

If you own a motorcycle, you know that it is a real investment that you would not like to go up in smoke overnight. Good Motorbike Servicing is essential

While many people may think that bikes are cheaper to maintain than cars, the truth is that most motorcycles are much more expensive to maintain but also to insure if you do not have good motorcycle insurance. For resale, it is important to protect your two wheels and make sure it is well maintained. Otherwise, you could end Motorbike Servicing up with a very salty bill when it breaks down.

How to clean your motorcycle 

Motorbike Servicing

If your motorcycle needs to be washed, you may be tempted to take it directly to a car wash. This is exactly what you should not do! First of all, you should never wash your motorcycle immediately after riding it, so unless you put it on a trailer, you should avoid doing it like some amateurs. You should never put cold water directly on a hot engine. Do not wash your motorcycle on the street either. Motorbike Servicing Instead, wash it in your hallway or, if possible, in your garden.

The time of day is also important. Direct sunlight from midday and afternoon can dry detergents and other chemicals in washing fluids before they can be rinsed. This can leave deposits of minerals and other chemical ingredients on your motorcycle.

How to properly wash your motorcycle

If you wash your motorcycle too often, this can lead to the elimination of certain lubricants. However, if you do not, you may not notice damaged parts or leaks, and it can be very difficult to remove crushed insects if they have been on your motorcycle for too long. If you come back from a ride on a dirty motorcycle, wash it as soon as possible. If you don’t ride that often or if your bike is not dirty, you can probably get away with a basic wash about once a month.

Tips to protect your motorcycle

When you are not riding your motorcycle, you should make sure that it is protected from wind, rain and other elements by covering it with a motorcycle cover. You should keep it in a garage or other covered place as often as possible. If you do not have a garage, you can park it in a small storage shed and if you are not Motorbike Servicing going to use it for several months, you can even rent a small adequate storage space.

 If you go on a road trip, know that most European cities like Paris, London or Rome have adequate parking for your motorcycle . Do not forget to consult the tourist guides for this. As for the cover, it must be long enough to cover most of the motorcycle, in addition it must be waterproof.

If you have to park your motorcycle outside, you can sometimes use fabric covers. In this way, it will be protected from rain and dirt.

Also, don’t forget to keep your motorcycle in good working order. Protecting your engine and other parts is difficult when you don’t change the oil regularly. Make sure you know how often the oil should be changed and make an appointment to do so. Otherwise, you can do it in your garage provided you read some practical guides and have an adequate impact wrench. Always consult the operating manual for your motorcycle.

Motorbike Servicing

Cleaning tips

Motorcycles do not like salt, so if Motorbike Servicing you are in an area near the sea, or in an area where the roads are salty in winter, you sometimes need to put a protective silicone spray on your motorcycle.

Remember to make sure you have an antifreeze coolant in your radiator, especially before storing it for the winter.

Finally, remember that when you change the oil , you must also change the filter.

A pressure washer can help remove Motorbike Servicing any encrusted mud, but be careful. It can also touch some of the most sensitive parts of your motorcycle with water and damage the electrical wires or your vinyl seats.

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