Technical Building Inspection

Technical Building Inspection

Elements reviewed in the Technical Building Inspection 

Depending on local regulations, different aspects of the property may be subject to revision, highlighting:

  • Foundation and structure.
  • Facades and medians.
  • Weatherproof and covered.
  • Facilities
  • Other elements that affect safety, health or public decoration.
Technical Building Inspection

The result of the Technical Building Inspection will be favorable when the building or construction meets the following conditions:

  • Security, so that it does not imply a risk for people and goods. Likewise, the facades (interior, exterior and party walls) and other elements whose condition supposes a chance for the safety of the people, such as chimneys, false ceilings, cornices, projections, flights or ornamental or finishing details must be repaired.
  • Health, in a way that does not threaten hygiene and public health, so that the necessary works must be carried out so that there is no leakage of water through the facade, the roof or the ground, and it must be kept in good condition. Of operation, the global networks of plumbing and sanitation.
  • Public decoration and decorum, so that the facade of buildings and buildings do not affect the urban image.

Specific characteristics of the city:

According to the regulations of the city, which will come into force, the Technical Building Inspections will also incorporate:

  • Accessibility of access, stairs, pavements, railings, handrails, signaling elements and sensory communication (Braille, high relief, magnetic loop, etc.), existing elevators and other elements of horizontal or vertical communication of the building or construction.
  • Thermal behavior of the building. However, the content of this information will be used to establish measures to promote the energy efficiency of buildings, without affecting the result, favorable or unfavorable, of the Technical Building Inspection.

Consequences of the non-realization of the Technical Building Inspection

If after the deadline to submit the Technical Building Inspection report, the obligor has not made the Technical Building Inspection, the competent body will order the realization of the same, giving an additional period to submit, with warning, in case of non-compliance, the imposition of coercive fines, subsidiary execution of the Technical Building Inspection and initiation of the corresponding sanctioning procedure.

The amount of these sanctions ranges between 1,000 and 6,000, in addition to the amount derived from the subsidiary execution of the Technical Building Inspection at the expense of the obligor.

If there is opposition, from the owners or residents to the practice of the Technical Building Inspection, the corresponding court order will be requested for the entry and execution of the Technical Building Inspection.

Technical Building Inspection

Favorable opinion

If the building is in good condition, the result of the Technical Building Inspection will be favorable, and the owners will not be obliged to do any work.

The favorable Technical Building Inspection report and a situation plan must be presented, where the boundaries of the plot, as well as the inspected buildings and constructions, are defined graphically. In some town halls, it is possible to attach, in turn, a complementary technical report.

Once the Administration has examined the documentation, the file will be archived until the next Technical Building Inspection, which will typically take place after 10 years. Also, the building’s annotation will be recorded in the Building and Construction Registry.

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