Solar energy in industry

Solar energy in industry

Solar panels create solar energy this are special photovoltaic structures that generate electrical energy under the influence of the sun. It does not matter where these elements are applied – at an enterprise, in a private house, the mechanism of the system’s functioning will not change. The main distinguishing feature of such a unit is its size and volume of electricity. Thus, the operation of huge industrial complexes will require more energy.

Modern manufacturers of such systems create mainly structures for the operation of enterprises. The popularity of specialists in alternative energy is due to the shortage and rapid consumption of the main sources of energy – coal, oil, gas. Solar energy is actively used in countries such as Germany, USA, UAE, Spain. It was there that they saw the effectiveness of these units and are actively introducing them into the activities of their enterprises. Their development is primarily due to the interest of the business itself. As for Australia, there are no such developments here. It is very rare to meet such structures.

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Why and where is solar energy used?

For the developed system to pay for itself, it takes up to 25 years of active operation. As practice shows, batteries powered by the sun produce more electricity than was spent on the project. High tariffs for this type of energy allow the complex to pay off within a few years.

Solar energy will be processed on almost any surface. Therefore, this structure is very convenient. This makes it possible to save significant space. Solar panels do not require consumables, fuel, systematic service and repair work.

This type of energy is actively used by farm economic complexes. The main reason for this is the significant remoteness of the premises from the main electrical networks. Therefore, the entrepreneur has to resort to using an alternative. In the Australia, solar batteries are also often used by meteorological stations, at special facilities that purify natural resources, gas stations, on railways, warehouses, in gas and oil companies. However, this does not mean the massive consumption of solar energy in Australia.

The situation with the production of solar panels abroad

Many developed countries are actively introducing electric generators, which are powered by solar energy, into production activities A characteristic feature is the geography of states. If in Greece, Italy or Spain there is enough warmth and light from the natural luminary, then in Germany, Austria, especially in Sweden or Finland, there is a shortage of it. But, regardless of the climate, the Finns at the ABB company use solar panels with a capacity of almost 200 kW, which recharge the batteries of the lifting mechanisms.

Italy is still content with solar photovoltaic cells, which are placed in a variety of industrial and warehouse buildings. But punctual Germans are out of competition. Their genetic parsimony in everything came in handy in the construction of engineering structures. The famous nZEB passive building and all its auxiliary systems are powered by solar panels.

Outside of Europe, the undoubted leader in the production of industrial solar plants is the United States. Having started with small, mainly household, generators, back in the 50s of the last century, Americans are mastering large-scale technologies that can provide electricity to small towns, villages and industrial enterprises.

Solar Uzbekistan has confidently taken a start in the development of the latest energy-saving technologies. Here, a program has been developed for the use of photovoltaic cells and water heating collectors for large industrial companies. This task was set by the Uzbek leadership to reduce the flaring of valuable local natural gas, which the country has a sufficient amount for internal purposes. In 2013 alone, up to 30 solar collector systems and about a dozen photovoltaic substations were commissioned in Uzbekistan. Start-up and commissioning works are already underway at 88 more water-cooled plants and 60 industrial solar generators.

Solar energy is being successfully developed in Ukraine. Periodic problems with energy resources forced the Ukrainians to start introducing powerful production photo panels. In addition to enterprises in Nikolaev, Kherson, Odessa, large solar stations are being installed in health resorts, in the catering system, and in school institutions.

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