you have to furniture mover or valuables and don’t know how to go about it. You hesitate to move it yourself, thinking that this will limit the risk of deterioration. But is it really a good idea?

Protect your furniture mover

To move your valuable furniture and valuables without risking damaging them, it is essential to protect them properly. If the moving of valuable furniture mover is done by the stairs and there are several floors to descend / climb, moving valuable furniture can be tricky and hits against the walls are quick to happen. Especially if the stairs are narrow or spiral. Thus, we recommend that you use furniture mover who are used to moving valuable furniture.. They will use the appropriate material: bubble wrap, blankets, bull-kraft and double corrugated cardboard. 

They can also make wooden crates or custom-made formwork to adapt to the size of your objects. So your paintings, statues and cabinets will be ready to be transported in complete safety. For even more security, you can request the use of a furniture lift . If the access does not allow its installation, the movers may be able to offer you other solutions (passage of a piano in candle, passage by strap…).

Do not neglect the “Transport” part

Once in the moving truck, your furniture mover must be properly strapped to avoid any risk of shock during transport. This important step is often overlooked when moving on your own. However, poorly strapped furniture can suffer significant damage during transport.

Insurance question, how much does it cost?

For each move with a professional mover, damage insurance is included in your quote. The contents insurance as part of a move costs between 0.2 and 0.5% of the total value you need to declare. However, be aware that if you have objects or furniture of very high individual value (over € 10,000 for example) additional costs will be added. There are also limits for reimbursement:

a) Limit of compensation

furniture mover

The maximum compensation per object varies according to the insurance contracts of the furniture mover. Also for any higher valuables you will have to complete a declaration of value ( see article “Declaration of value, how does it work?” ). So do not ignore the declaration of value! Indeed, in the event of an incident, your furniture will only be reimbursed to you up to the maximum compensation per object, and not up to its real value!

b) Coverage limit

Above all, be aware that the movers cannot be held liable if you have protected your furniture yourself . In fact, inadequate protection is often the cause of damage. The best is therefore to leave it to the professionals!


To avoid the hassle of moving valuable furniture , it’s best to go through a professional mover. In addition to limiting the risks by careful work with suitable equipment, you will be reimbursed by the insurance in the event of a problem. It remains to find a serious company: it is the role of i-Demenager , your moving broker, who selects the best movers in relation to your needs. To take advantage of it, complete a  request for a quote on this form .

Lisa Hoar

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