Reinforcement techniques for a front security doors

Reinforcement techniques for a front security doors

The front security door is mainly the route chosen by burglars. There are several burglary techniques as there are also for strengthening doors. This can range from a simple installation of angle iron and latch to the complete shielding of the door.

Lock solutions and other installations

Technically, the burglars’ operating methods boil down to breaking into the cylinder, that of the locking points security doors Newcastle, that of the hinges and by piercing the door to pass the hand or the whole body. The solutions are as follows:

– Place a high-security cylinder with an armored door handle.

– Place a rod locking lock for multi-point locks.

– Place anti-pinch angles for the door to a leaf. And a central beating plate for a double-leaf door.

– Place an angle striker to avoid tearing off the lock point at the crowbar security doors . Or a reinforcement flange.

– Place pivot angles to avoid tearing off the hinges.

To protect an entrance door with glass, use laminated glass and a grille.

The shielding of the door

If you are still afraid of being robbed after installing these previous installations security doors , here is the ultimate solution: shielding. Again, there are several types: sequential or total.

-The flat shielding for the door security doors leaf: this is a system that consists of installing a metal plate on the inside of the door.

-The pivot armor is a flat armor accompanied by a shield of the pivot bar and the 4 hinges. They are all inside.

-Super shielding consists of covering the inner part of the door with a thick sheet of metal. With metal angles on the frame on three sides, 4 hinges with reinforcement of your choice, an armored threshold bar, an A2P lock with locking points. The external angles, as well as the threshold bar, are also shielded.

-The door block is the most secure. The door is made entirely of aluminum and steel. It is armored on both sides, but also inside. Without forgetting locks, threshold bars, glazing, hinges.

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