Real Estate Agent 10 Truly mistakes not to make

Real Estate Agent 10 Truly mistakes not to make

Real Estate Agent a Selling or buying a home is one of the great projects of a lifetime. This is a big challenge, big investments of time, energy and money.

1. Let yourself be overcome by your emotions

Buying or selling a home brings back a lot of emotions. It is not always easy to give up your house, especially if you feel good! You are leaving part of your life behind. You are entering a phase of change!

Tip: Take the time to determine your budget. Call on a real estate agency to help you in your efforts, and have the right information to avoid mistakes, save time and energy.

2. Take The First Real Estate Agent You Meet

In France, Real Estate Agent capture between 10% and 15% of transactions in the real estate market according to Le Monde Economie lists 20,726 in more than 106 networks, including nearly 5000 began during the last twelve months. All of these agents present different approaches to the buying and selling process.

Advice: Meet several agents before choosing, and pay attention to your feelings. If you are not comfortable with a real estate agent, or with his approach, continue your research. Ask for references and learn a little more about this real estate expert’s field experience.

3. Be Clear With Your Expectations, And Communicate Them Clearly To Your Real Estate Agent

Now you know that you need to feel comfortable with, and get along with, your Real Estate Agent. This is how trust is established between you and him. Understanding and trust are essential for the success of your real estate projects.

Tip: Be in agreement with the brokerage services it offers. Talk with your real estate broker about the services you want, and that you expect to sign the contract.

4. Decide not to read, or not understand the contracts

To go faster and speed up the buying or selling process, many do not read the contract and its clauses. Avoid signing forms that you have not read. If you don’t understand what you’re reading, ask for an explanation. It is also the role of the real estate expert to answer all your questions. Don’t be ashamed of not understanding. This will save you a lot of trouble. If this is not possible, change the real estate agency!

As for example, discover that you signed a 6-month contract for the sale of your house when you wanted a 3-month contract. So that it stays 3 months on sale, not 6! In addition, if the contract has an extension clause, you will have to pay a commission to your real estate agency or broker, if you sell for a certain period. Even if you sell alone, without your broker.

Tip: fill in all the blanks before signing, and always have a copy of everything you just signed!

5. “All-Inclusive” Think that everything is included with the purchase

Some buyers think that the fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher and oven is included with the purchase of the house or apartment. Please note all are not included in the purchase of your future property! The seller will certainly want to recover these household goods or other items.

Tip: Identify all “movable property” in writing when you bid. You can also add a clause to it, stating that the seller must pay the balance of all rental contracts for the property.

6. Forget “the inside” of the walls when appraising a property

Electricity, plumbing, and insulation are just as important, like marble countertops and new precious wood floors when evaluating a house or apartment!

Advice: Ask your real estate expert the age of the property, and if there have been any upgrades, modernization, major renovations, etc. If these have been completed, your Real Estate will have to tell you if the permits have been obtained.

7. Think outside the walls

Buying a property is also buying your place in the community! Some places are lively and noisy, while others are quieter and quieter. For example, if you are near a school playground, it will be noisier than if you live in the middle of the fields.

Tip: Consider visiting the area of ​​the property that interests you, several hours a day. Chat with the neighbors to get to know the life of the neighborhood. They can also provide information on services, banks, and local shops.

Real Estate Agent

8. Forget about researching when buying / selling

Sometimes certain events have happened in the house that interests you. If you are sensitive to buying a property with a “cloudy” past, consider doing an internet search by the address of the property. You may find important information there.

Tip: Always chat with the neighbors, they know more than you!

9. No verbal agreement!

As long as everything goes well, verbal agreements are never a problem. But they become so very quickly when the weather turns bad! Always proceed by written agreement. It requires both parties to be clear about their expectations.

Tip: remember to document your agreement, this will avoid many disputes later.

10. Underestimate the costs of closing the transaction

The costs of a real estate transaction can accumulate very quickly: property transfer rights, insurance, expertise, and inspection…

Tip: Take everything into account when calculating your estimate, without forgetting all the other expenses to add to the total price of the purchase or sale of your property .If you have any questions, comments, or tips to share, write them in the comments below. We will answer you with great pleasure!

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