Psychologists say that teenagers need limits that give them security

Psychologists say that teenagers need limits that give them security

Life cycle in a stage of opportunities that must be seen in positive and in which insecurities emerge

Psychologists and family experts have expressed the importance of parents setting limits to teenagers, without using physical or verbal violence, because that is what will provide them with security at this stage of their lives.

Lives in which there are so many changes that bring many insecurities. This has been highlighted in the II Conference on Children and Family, dedicated to the theme of “Teenagers: challenges and opportunities.

Psychologist opinion :

The speaker graduate in Biology and Psychology, has lectured on the subject “The teenagers brain” and has explained that adolescence is a stage of life in which there can be many traumas because all insecurities arise.

Parents helping their children with their schoolwork

In fact, 50% of the psychologists in psychology appear at 14 years of age, because when they feel that insecurity they look for strategies to regulate that are very pathological, for example, they do not eat and then they have anorexia, or compulsive eating, or they have a compulsive performance or, in other occasions, they look for sex or drugs.

Therefore, teenagers have to be given “many limits and also give them a lot of affection” because from the age of twelve to 16 “they change everything, their body, their mind, they will start to have emotions that they will not know how to handle and , with it, insecurities “.

In that sense, the psychologist and family therapist has abounded , who has given the conference “Intervention in behavior disorders from the perspective of non-violent resistance” , and which has indicated that teenagers behavior disorders can be approached by parents using nonviolence as a strategy to overcome the violence of children that can occur in the form of blackmail, theft, breaking objects, shouting, insults or failure to schedule.

These behavioral disorders , he explained, often speak of the difficulties or suffering of these children, and is proven to be more effective if the parents adopt the commitment not to use attitudes of physical or verbal violence and in this case would be included “The sermons and the prophecies of disaster”.


In the strategies of resistance of parents, making it clear that they have the right to exercise their functions in an ethical way, “it has been seen that boys reduce their violent behavior, families reduce the level of tension and violence and can channel the situation “, has indicated.

The psychologist has ensured that violent children do not want or accept the parents “colleagues”whom they submit, put them at their
Psychological Services and take what they want. 

Parents, he said, have to be parents, guarantee development, help them understand that there are things they can not do or places where they can not go, help them replenish an authority they have lost, “that is creative, positive and generates security and development “.

Children need limits and structure generates security in people. When things have limits, they have explanation and predictability.

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