Performing A Building Inspections Newcastle

Performing A Building Inspections Newcastle

It now I’m already down to the point where I have multi per than I have the dirt so I know the grading is negative Building Inspections Newcastle here I just don’t know how negative so I’m gonna write this up as a grading issue but I’m also gonna note that the mulch prevented me from seeing all that because you know we could have a foot we could have two feet we could have a big hole here.

So they need to take care of this need to pull back the mulch and bring some dirt in otherwise you can have one okay let’s talk about my truck for a second Pre-Purchase Building Reports we’re getting ready to go on the rough I’ve set up my truck so that I can actually have four ladders in here right now a lot of times I’ll have five ladders but I have my outside shoes on right here.

Here I have my inside shoes plus I put booties on that way nobody complains I don’t get the floors dirty things like Pre-Purchase Building Inspections that you got to remember Timber Pest Inspections we’re going into somebody’s house we have to show that house respect because you know we don’t own it we’re never going to own it but somebody else hasn’t somebody currently does so this here is one of my inside ladders.

Building Inspections Newcastle

This is one of my inside ladders Timber Pest Reports these are my two outside ladders I don’t like to mix them because you know you’re gonna get the house dirty you’re gonna get grass you can get mud things like that especially as wet as we’ve been here in Colorado right now you know plus you want to make sure it’s always safe so if you have stuff on your ladder and you move it.

It might slip on the hardwood floors so you always want to make sure that you have good put this right here ladder safety is priority most of our home inspector accidents involve letters you Expert Witness Inspections know they are very scary if you don’t place them correctly I really like to put them on the grass not on concrete whether it’s wet like we have right here.

We actually have to use the driveway it’s probably the safest thing we have now for safety we need to make Pool Certification sure we have at least two rungs above the roof I really prefer three want to make sure you don’t scratch your gutters so set it down very gently one of the ways you can check your ladder you should just be out of arm’s reach when your toes are touching.

Building Inspections Newcastle

The ladder that way you have a nice slope on it it’s not liable to come back at you I always make sure you have at least three points of contact with ladder which means Spa Certification one hand two feet when you’re putting on your safety strap or I like to use a safety strap you know just tied to the gutters that way the wind can’t blow your ladder off you always want to be at least two rungs above the roof.

I prefer Defect Inspections more because then I can a really nice solid connection this here is the ridge venting you know we like to see upper roof auntie sometimes will use a square or turtle vent we do consider this superior it goes along with the soffit vent you saw down below I always walk clockwise rotation whether I’m doing a roof or doing the inside of the house the big thing is to just get a system deep to it if you’re always walk a certain direction

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