How To 3 motorbike Spares Perform The Basic Maintenance

How To 3 motorbike Spares Perform The Basic Maintenance

Off-road bikes are motorbike spares not like automobiles, you can do thousands of kilometres with little maintenance, they are competition machines that require maintenance after each ride to keep it in perfect condition, avoid breakdowns and extend its useful life. .

In this little guide we will explain everything you need to be able to perform efficient maintenance on your motorcycle without having to invest too much time or too much money.

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The cables of a motorcycle determine the quality of care that its owner has provided them because motorbike spares they should be cleaned after each trip and lubricated routinely, with many fans forgetting to perform this maintenance.

We will start by disconnecting the cables from the handle and the lever ( in the case the gas cable must be disconnected from the crab ) to clean any dirt from the connections. We add a little lubricant to protect the cables from wear and benefiting from a softer touch.

Driving with the chain and sprocket without proper greasing involves a high risk of wear and having to change the chain or sprocket ( in case of noticeable wear on any of these parts, you must replace the entire transmission kit ) . As in the previous case, the chain and motorbike spares sprocket must be cleaned and greased after each output, for this we will use the following product:

A bad air filter will significantly reduce the life of your engine, so checking and cleaning the air filter is essential to keep it in top condition. This work should be done depending on the dirt on the filter, but it would be a good practice to do it every one or two outlets.

First we will extract the filter and clean it with a liquid destined for the air filters, we will dry it and soak it in filter oil, we will wait for it to dry again and we will install.

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EXHAUST motorbike spares.
Cleaning the outside of the exhaust to avoid wear and corrosion is intuitive, but we rarely stop to check the condition of the inside of the exhaust, more specifically in the rubber O – ring that is between the cylinder and the exhaust. You should check the seal of this gasket on a regular basis and replace it in case of cracks or imperfections. We will also take the opportunity to review the exhaust fiber .

First of all we must get a key to disassemble the spokes . Once we have the key we must tighten the spokes with patience, we recommend tightening one radius out of three, so that to tighten all the spokes we have to turn the wheel three times.

We will not tighten too much, we must get a good fit without causing tension in the spokes, if necessary motorbike spares we will check the spokes in the same way, every three spokes.

If we do not check it correctly the carburetor has a high probability of stopping working properly, even if the motorcycle is stopped we must check that the evaporated fuel does not leave residues that clog the jets.

We usually find cases of motorcycles that have never had their coolant changed , and it is an essential aspect, especially on 4-stroke motorcycles in which the mechanical and thermal demands are higher.

It is difficult to stipulate a standard periodicity in the change of the coolant, minimum, 1 times a year, recommended, every 6 months depending on the motorbike spares, the use we are giving it, geographical area .

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