Is the maintenance of a garage door mandatory?

Is the maintenance of a garage door mandatory?

The answer is yes, the maintenance of a garage door is mandatory to ensure our safety and proper operation, and thus extend the life of its components.

The maintenance of a garage door according to the report of the Ministry of Industry

The report of the Ministry of Industry on the maintenance of a garage door says that the gates, doors and barriers that are in areas accessible to people and vehicles must have the CE marking. And it states that installation, use and maintenance must be done according to the standard UNE 85635: 2012 .

The maintenance of all types of doors installed since 2005 is mandatory according to the report of the Ministry of Industry, and also established by the Technical Building Code. Although there is no obligation on the part of the client to carry out a maintenance contract with any company, it is recommended that it be carried out.

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Whose responsibility is the maintenance of the garage door?

The current regulations are intended to ensure the safety of users, but it is the responsibility of the door owners or administrators to maintain the proper functioning of the garage doors so that they meet the necessary requirements.

When performing the maintenance of the doors, the manufacturer’s maintenance book states that special attention must be paid to the safety elements. And, in case of possibility of accidents the maintainer must warn the owner of the possible risks that these may entail.

What is the maintenance contract for a garage door?

The contract of maintenance of the garage doors  allows to extend the useful life of the equipment and helps to avoid unexpected breaks that cause accidents to people or vehicles.

In the case of not performing a proper maintenance of the doors, the regulations are clear and the consequences can be the most negative, as the administrator has breached his obligation. Insurance companies are not responsible for accidents caused at the garage doors, so fines can be really high.

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Garage Doors Newcastle maintenance contracts offer many possibilities

At Garage Doors Newcastle we have two types of garage door maintenance contracts.

  • Base maintenance : these are cleaning and supervision operations. We talked about the greasing and checking of mechanical, electrical and safety components. This maintenance does not include the replacement of parts.
  • Gold maintenance : includes the replacement of parts, either because they are worn or defective, and it is necessary to change them for the correct operation of the installation. Inside the spare parts we find:
    • On the one hand , the electric ones : what comes to be the engine, the control panel and any electronic safety element.
    • On the other hand, the mechanics : what would be the clamping cables, pulleys, wheels and safety systems in case of cable breakage.

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