Step by Step on how to use the Guard Rails Sydney

Step by Step on how to use the Guard Rails Sydney

A few years ago I was the project officer for the Guard Rails Sydney project where we designed datasets and unit profiles to assist in the safe administration of Guard Rails Sydney the client are fitted with guardrails technology that allows us to use drug concentrations dose limits and rate limits to protect our patients from costly medication errors.

This short info is designed to familiarize you with how to use the guardrails function on the GPS pump and the go syringe driver to enhance safe medication practice the guardrails dataset has been programmed into every Guard Rails Sydney

The data set is broken down into profiles these profiles are essentially ward or unit areas the profiles are CCU general ICU maternity pediatrics and special care nursery every pump has every profile on it so the pumps are easily transferable around the hospital to meet patient needs you’ll also notice two training profiles adults and pads.

Guard Rails Sydney

You can use these when training new staff on the guardrails technology the Guard Rails Sydney use the profile the drug dose the rate and the volume to determine if a safe drug administration has been entered if you go to the higher level of the recommended dose the soft limit as we call it the guardrails will warn you of this and they will ask you to override the soft limit.

Let me demonstrate the soft limit on this act rapid infusion of programmed in nine units per hour here’s the warning tone and the request to override the soft limit if the dose is a patient safety risk the pump will not allow you to deliver the infusion until the rate or the drug dose has been reduced to a safe level this will be displayed on the screen so you know what the limits are let’s see what happens.

If Guard Rails Sydney set the rate at units per hour the guardrails has protected the patient from a potentially high dose of actrapid by not allowing the dose to be overridden this might be a flag to request a clinical review of the patient for consideration of more intense treatment and even transfer to a higher acuity area now let’s go through the whole process of setting up the guardrails.

Guard Rails Sydney

I’ve already made up my infusion labeled it and labeled the lines I’m following the instructions for using guardrails of the Guard Rails Sydney for this demonstration these are available on your waddle unit once you’ve turned on the pump clear the setup and then select the profile that best suits your clinical environment adult wards and Rehab use the general profile Edie uses all the profiles dependent on the patient and the water unit.

That they would be admitted to and the others are self-explanatory today Guardrails Sydney will use the general profile instead of selecting miles per hour scroll down using the arrow key to the first letter of the generic drug name note that potassium is under K for K CL not under P and all the antibiotics are grouped above a today I’m going to give pen top result as a loading dose.

So I go to the letter P and then select pen toppers on load now I check the concentration of the infusion with the concentration in the guardrails program these need to be the same Sydney guard rails the order is for milligrams of pen top result in ml of normal saline over one hour but the default concentration is milligrams of pan top result in mils of normal saline I can use the modify button to change the concentration

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