How to add value to a home with home automation?

How to add value to a home with home automation?

Do you own a home and want to put it on the market for sale and get the maximum profit? Have you considered how you are going to compete with other homes that are already for sale in your same area?

Competing under the same conditions as other market players can be exasperating, especially when it is urgent to make a sale. Thanks to home automation, you can benefit from an added value that not everyone offers and turn a normal house into a luxury property.

If you want to sell your house as soon as possible and forget about unnecessary waiting, you can highlight your property thanks to an investment that you will undoubtedly recover in a short time: invest in home automation at Automated Innovation today!

Before discovering how home automation can increase the value of your property, how about we first take a look at what a smart home really is?

A smart home with home automation is one that is equipped with devices that interact with each other for maximum efficiency and can be controlled remotely. In this way, the entire residence is designed with its utility and practicality in mind, in a way that increases efficiency, maximizes comfort and improves the quality of life of the owner. In addition, it contributes to improving your security around the perimeter.

That being said, a smart home not only saves money, time, and energy, but it also increases sales value and competitive advantages.

Smarter, more efficient, higher profits

If we consider all the particularities that home automation can offer to a smart home: smart thermostats, programmed light and sound systems, weather station, keyless locks, closed-circuit cameras, remote-controlled security systems, etc..; Who wouldn’t want an automated home?

From lighting to temperature, watering the garden or the movie theater; all parts of the house can be connected. With advanced presets and programming, a smart thermostat can reduce heating and cooling bills, saving money each month. You can even invest in an invaluable peace of mind with an intelligent security system with closed circuit CCTV cameras, being able to control everything easily from a smartphone or tablet.

Home automation could even improve mortgage calculations and lower the loan-to-value ratio.

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One of the most attractive aspects of automation is the great versatility it offers. However, beyond any other benefit, the improvement in comfort and quality of life makes it a worthwhile consideration for any homeowner.

Smart home automation increases property value

There are many benefits that a smart home can bring to the future buyer. Therefore, if we want to put a property up for sale, a well-planned independent home automation system adds great value to the home.

As we have already seen, the wide range of functionalities that home automation offers us allows us to solve various issues that concern us all when purchasing a home.

It has been more than three decades since home automation has been implemented in homes, mainly in luxury homes. Although little by little it has been developing until it ceases to be a passing fad and becomes an increasingly demanded good.

Both young and old want smart home technology, but their interest in these devices stems from different concerns. Older demographics tend to be more concerned with security, while younger demographics emphasize convenience and customization.

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Today, almost all areas of the house can be automated in various ways.

Each owner may have different needs, but there are common areas and elements that meet the needs of all audiences and offer immediate and long-term benefits:

  • Smart thermostats.
  • Lighting scenes.
  • Atmospheric control.
  • Security system.
  • Closed circuit of cameras.
  • Sound control with speakers.

By now, you will have realized the benefits that a smart home brings to both owners and future buyers.

If you still do not have the advantages of a smart home, do not hesitate to invest in some functionalities that smart home automation offers as it is an excellent tool to increase the price of your home on the market.

home automation

If you are determined to transform your home into a smart home and increase its market value, contact us.

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