Google Inbox dies today: here are the 5 best alternatives to manage your email

Google Inbox dies today: here are the 5 best alternatives to manage your email

More than six months Google has given us to leave Inbox and look for an alternative, after announcing its closure at the end of September 2018, the mail application that worked in parallel to the regular Gmail app, dies forever today, April 2.

It may seem a long time, but if you are part of the small group of people (at least for the scale of users who use Gmail) who depended on Google Inbox to manage your mail in the most comfortable way possible, the reality is that it will cost you a lot. Replace it. We recommend a few options today.

Although there are some more than viable alternatives, we warn you once that you can not expect them to do exactly everything Inbox did, and this includes Gmail itself. Not only will you have to get used to the fact that there are functions that nobody has replicated, but to the fact that multiplatform alternatives are scarce.


The most obvious option would be Gmail itself; in fact, it would be the least complicated transition. If you use Android, you do not even have to install the app; you probably have it there without having been able to remove it. The problem here is obvious if you used Inbox instead of Gmail is because you found the first much better, is my case.

Google Inbox alternatives email

The good news is that Gmail has been inheriting many of the functions of Inbox, especially in terms of smart mail organization. But things like the great function of fixing emails with a “pin,” or delete batch emails from any of your inboxes, you will find them.

The other good thing to keep in mind of simply moving to Gmail is that you will not be giving access to a third party to your email account, in this time of privacy violations, sometimes it sounds better that only a company has access to your emails instead of a few.

Gmail is available on iOS, Android and the web. Just like Inbox.


I find that Microsoft applications for Android are excellent. Outlook, Microsoft Launcher, OneDrive and even Microsoft Edge. If you are a user of the Android / Windows binomial, Outlook is perhaps your best option to replace Inbox.

Google Inbox alternatives email

The Outlook mobile application, both for iOS and Android has several similarities with Inbox, the interface is not going to be complicated to understand if you already used this, share several of its best features, and it’s free.

Now, on the desktop, you would have to settle for continuing to access Gmail from the web or use the Windows 10 Mail app, which I will not recommend because although it does the basics, it is a backward step if you come from Inbox.

Outlook is available for iOS and Android.

Spark email

This is one of your best alternatives if you are an iOS user and macOS. Spark is one of the best email clients available for the Apple ecosystem, in addition to being free for individual users.


Spark has a function to fix emails like that cute pin in Inbox, it lets you manage mail in different intelligent input trays, it shows conversations in threads, it offers reminders, read later, etc. Its interface is the most careful and beautiful you can find , and its desktop application for Mac is quite sublime.

The clear disadvantage is in the platforms for which it is available, but the good news is that it will soon reach the web, Android and Windows, the problem is that we do not know when. Meanwhile, it is only an alternative if you have iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Newton email

From Newton we have talked a lot in Genbeta, it is a simple but powerful mail application, and it has the advantage of being available on most platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

Google Inbox alternatives email

Newton also has many additional features that you did not get in Inbox, such as integrated acknowledgments or schedule the sending of emails without having to install plugins.

Now, the disadvantage here is clear; Newton is paid, has a price of $ 49.99 per year and give you a trial period of 14 days so you can decide if this price is worth it for you or not.


Airmail is my favourite mail application for Mac OS; it has a wonderful interface, reminders, outstanding emails (similar to pins), different inboxes, etc. But again, it is another alternative that is not on par with Inbox at all.

Google Inbox alternatives email

First, because it is only available for iOS and macOS, and second, because it is also paid, although unlike Newton is not a subscription but only payment. Airmail for Mac costs $ 26.99, and Airmail for iOS costs $ 4.99.

In this case, you will have to rely more on the recommendation of this author since it is not possible to try these apps without paying unless you ask for a refund later. I consider that both are worth it, but for something, I have put four others earlier on the list.

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