Floor Sanding : Techniques For Sanding And Polishing

Floor Sanding : Techniques For Sanding And Polishing

Is that old carpet Floor Sanding depressing you? Is it discolored, stained or just out of fashion? Well, how about you take it out? You may find that underneath it is a beautiful hardwood Floor Sanding . Such a surface can really add some charm to your home, but only by restoring it the right way. And you don’t necessarily need to add a floating Floor Sanding on top! Here we tell you how:

1. After you have carefully removed the carpet, remove and lift all the remaining society and the rest of the dirt on the floor. Watch out for all nails that leak out of the wood, if any.
2. Rent a sander, preferably a disc sander. Put on new sandpaper and make an initial pass of sanding and polishing the floor to remove the bumps.
3. Repeat the procedure, and then do it a third time with fine sandpaper. Obviously, the more times you use the machine with fine sandpaper, the better the result.

4. After the third pass, polish the floor with a metal fiber using a metal fiber polishing machine.
5. Use a corner sandpaper to service the corners after each sanding. If you don’t have a corner sander, you will have to proceed by hand.
6. Carefully check that all protrusions have been removed.
7. Make sure the floor is perfectly clean. When you do, you are ready to apply wood stain to the floor. Choose an oil-based pigment and apply it with a brush. Use a painter’s palette to remove any bumps that are in the way. Make sure you are applying the stain to the appropriate wood. Try to perform this job with an ambient temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius or less.
8. After the first stage has dried, buff the Floor Sanding with a fiber or metallic sponge and then apply your last coat.

Aside from using a stain, you can choose to apply varnish, polyurethane, or a penetrating sealer to your floor polishing. If you are going to varnish, proceed as explained above, applying a layer of floor wax when the process is finished. Finish with a wood floor polisher.

 If you use polyurethane be sure to work close to the grain of the wood. Use the metallic fiber sponge between layers. To apply a penetration sealer use a rag. Remove any excess. Pass a second metallic fiber after the first application, and then pass another coat. So until the job is done.

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