How I got my first newcastle tow truck?

How I got my first newcastle tow truck?

Hey you reader towing and recovery early morning here I’ve been here since like newcastle towing just getting a bunch of stuff done I figured all right you know so a few other ones and one of the questions.

Newcastle towing keep seeing that pops up are tow operators startups or current owners that are having a hard time again financing of loans for newcastle tow truck a lot of people lists companies tousle and what not but nobody really has any insight.

So I figured all right you know newcastle tow truck was in that boat at one point and should talk about what newcastle towing did because allot of these guys what ended up happening is that they lose hope and they end up just going back to work for somebody else or just leaving professional together so when I started on site five years ago I had left my job of working for a big corporate repair shop.

I was a technician beforehand and I left there without allot of money so in addition to not having a lot of money newcastle towing also had bad credit I think my credit score is like and you know that I was doing part two the wages I was making as technician and then my college loans.

I went to college and I had a couple hospital bills and stuff so couldn’t make the payments on time things just snowballing and that was the reason for my credit being the way it was so it was really hard you know trying to get even banks to give me an application.

newcastle tow truck

So I started doing some research and newcastle towing started doing reading upon toe for one for one and contacted all the leasing companies that the newcastle tow truck companies were using and most of them just how can I say they don’t want anything to do with me.

I was too much of a high-risk and I understand that so finally I ended up coming across beacon funding and reached out to beacon funding and they contacted me later that day and newcastle towing ended up meeting the gentlemanly the name and explaining to meow he can fund it works that you’re not really financing the newcastle tow trucks you ‘releasing them and then you can buy them back at % of the purchase price.

So I was like all right that’s good but my credit is not that great so they gave men the option to put something up as collateral so newcastle towing ended up putting up my pickup newcastle tow truck as collateral which was still worth about $, and that’s how ended up getting to my first newcastle tow truck was still beacon funding wasn’t an expensive newcastle tow truck.

I think I financed it for  grand and it was a -month turn so it wasn’t super long and you know newcastle towing painted off Ingot the title for my newcastle tow truck back sold that newcastle tow truck and I ended up using that money to get into other newcastle tow trucks I am still leasing my newcastle tow trucks through beacon funding right now we are currently in the works for number. 

I’m hoping next week it all gets finalized and it was also a number  coming but anyway so I’ve been dealing with don from beacon funding for about the last five years if it wasn’t for beacon funding.

Newcastle towing would have probably never got my business to start I would probably ended up just went back to becoming a technician adjust gave up on the whole idea altogether.

So beacon funding allowed met get my business going and you know when you got bad credit you’re going to have a high interest rates but you’ve got to start somewhere I’ve noticed that since.

newcastle tow truck

I started that relationship with beacon fund and five years ago that it has gotten easier for me to get to get financing for the newcastle tow trucks right now I’m to the point where newcastle towing don’t even have to give them a down payment you know it’s almost like.

I got an open line of credit and they’re quick so the newcastle tow truck that I’m buying now I’m buying into a private seller and newcastle towing started the whole procession.

And I think it should be should have my newcastle tow truck by Monday next week  we ended up buying our a dealership and that was like within hours.

It was all finalized so it’s little quicker when you’re dealing with dealerships especially dealerships that work with beacon so it happens pretty-pretty fast overall like.

I said it’s ahoy got to start somewhere and start building a reputation and relationship with these banks and it’s just it’s going to get easier and easier and easier at the end of the day you also want tube able to buy some of this stuff cash.

You know outright cash you know because it’s just how can say it could be burden having a payment at the end of the month but it also I like the idea of leasing these newcastle tow trucks from these companies because it’s also huge tax break on my end and newcastle towing don’t have to shell out you know fifty sixty thousand dollars of cash.

I can keep that in the bank which helps me in my slow times with cash flow you know payroll we know because we tend to hit a slow time after Labor Day weekend when the kids go back to school probably for two or three weeks we’re towing completely slows down.

So it’s nice to have that the funds available with account and that’s what I like about the financing and at the end of your term too you get to buy you can buy your newcastle tow truck back at ten percent of the purchase price and all the newcastle tow trucks that I’ve financed through theme had bought back.

I might not buy blackout fifty five hundred I might just let them take it and get into a new one newcastle towing don’t know yeah but these are this is my personal experience with beacon funding it great to deal with it’s a it’s fairly easy process.

I mean and it doesn’t take up it doesn’t they don’t doe hard inquiry on your credit which is nice that’s a big thing to it you don’t want all those hard inquiries on your credit score.

Because it’s just it impacts your credit score starts to go down so that’s what’s nice about beacon funding you know newcastle towing know that back then five years ago they were taking equipment on collateral which helped me greatly.

So if you got ilk something that’s worth something give him a call they might beagle to work a deal out with you and you know you’re sitting she’s really easy did a phenomenal job on selling me beacon and following up all the other leasing companies.

They never followed up with me it was like I would hand in an application and I’m here nothing and newcastle towing would have to call back it’s just hassle I’m a busy guy but Don is just great at it he’s on top of it he’s in touch the moment

I want newcastle tow truck he’s in touch with me he’s in touch with the seller and all of sudden I have a newcastle tow truck so overall I highly suggest beacon funding if you’re startup business give them a try you know call them up ask the dawn.

So you know I don’t get paid to do this being fun and there’s no way paying me this isn’t script and none of my blogs are scripted just so that you’re aware.

And you know newcastle towing hope this can does help somebody out who’s kind of losing hope you know I’m never going to buy a newcastle tow truck I’m never going to have the money I’m not tonnage able to pursue my dream you knows so don’t give up there’s still hope up there and once again on-site towing.

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