Fencing chain for the required area

Fencing chain for the required area

Various devices are used for decorative fencing chain and restricting access to areas, zones and recreation areas or for other purposes. Some of them are chains, which can be made of plastic, metal, wood.

Columns made of concrete, stainless steel, and polymeric materials are used as supports for them. These fencing chain are mainly used to create restrictive access to car parks, office parking lots, parks and recreational areas.

Plastic fencing chain

fencing chain

A universal means of marking a territory is a plastic chain link, which has many advantages. It is a good alternative to metal and wood.

Such fences are not cheap, but due to their long service life, they always justify themselves. They can serve for a long time and they are quick and easy to install. In addition, there is a wide choice of colors, standard sizes, which is why there are no problems when choosing.

The design of such a fence will be appropriate in any architectural structure. The posts for them are made using modern equipment. They can be easily removed and then returned to their original place.

Many have already been able to appreciate the positive properties of these fences. This is due primarily to the fact that other materials do not justify their use and lose their functionality under the influence of weather conditions or a long service life.

Such a chain of fencing does not require maintenance and is environmentally friendly. The materials used for production do not absorb moisture and are completely safe for humans. They are allowed to be used everywhere to create clear boundaries of the territory.

Application of plastic chains

Chains can be used for fences:

  1. Summer cottages, flower beds, vegetable gardens.
  2. Suburban area.
  3. An area that can be dangerous to human life.
  4. Roadside.
  5. Industrial area.
  6. Access from the street.
  7. Access to decoration.
  8. Office and collective parking lots, parking lots.


The advantage of plastic fencing chain is durability. The material does not react to external stimuli, and serves perfectly at temperatures from -25 to +50 ˚С. Plastic is not affected by moisture, fungus, mold, corrosion, insects.

A fence made of plastic chains does not require hassle from a person, it does not need to be cleaned or painted. Care in this case consists only in washing with a hose under the pressure of water. So summer residents can save a lot on the maintenance of the fence.

Installation also does not cause difficulties, there is no need for a large team of craftsmen. Everything can be done by hand, and all the necessary parts can be bought in one set.

Metal fencing chain

fencing chain

In life, there are different needs for the protection of certain areas from outside or unwanted penetration. Metal protective chains are often used as barriers.

They are a kind of product that has the form of a row of closed links connected to each other. Mainly low-carbon wire of normal quality is used as the material for the chains.

The types of metal chains depend on the shape of the links and their configuration. So there are short, medium and long links. They differ in their structural structure.

The first type is divided into:

  • Calibrated;
  • Uncalibrated views.

Also, the classification of such products is carried out in accordance with GOST standards and is carried out according to the caliber and load. The price of the product also depends on these parameters.

A nodal chain is also distinguished as a separate species. It has low weight, poor elongation and good strength. The knot chain is a decorative fence where the links are tied together in a “knot”.

Application area

The popularity of using metal fencing chain is due to their various purposes, which are detailed in the instructions for use. Because they are very practical and easy to use.

Metal chains are used to:

  1. Moving goods;
  2. In the role of a component in load handling mechanisms;
  3. For hanging loads;
  4. As chain stops in warehouses, industrial enterprises, transport organisations;
  5. As suspensions for hoisting machines;
  6. As an anchor chain on ships;
  7. Decoration of places for recreation, as well as parks;
  8. Access fences;
  9. Delimiting zones;
  10. Fences for parking lots, parking lots.

Columns are used as an additional element for fencing the territory. They are often made of stainless steel using modern technology. After installing such fence posts , work is carried out to connect them using chains of a certain length.

Use advantage

The main advantage of metal chains is their wide range of uses. They can be used for light hand hoists as well as heavy-duty cranes.

Due to their great strength, some types of metal chains are able to withstand kicks and shocks. Also, other types are widely used for various household purposes.

Metal fencing chain not only fulfill their functions, but are also a kind of decoration. Since they can act as a kind of element of the territory decor.


The use of fencing chain and posts made of various materials makes it possible to quickly and inexpensively fence the required area. In the video presented in this article, you will find additional information on this topic.

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