10 digital marketing trends that will revolutionize your strategy in 2019

10 digital marketing trends that will revolutionize your strategy in 2019

There are only a few days to say goodbye to the year 2018, so … what better way to end it than by updating your digital marketing strategy, and driving the success of your company in this new year?

Because, as you know, digital marketing is such a dynamic industry and in such a constant change, that we must be equal or even faster. And, thus, prepare for the new digital scenarios to which we must – without any doubt – adapt, if we want to survive in the online market.

The 10 digital marketing trends you should know

If your goal is to start the year with the batteries charged, there is something you must be clear about: the digital and technological sector will continue to change as always ( this is how fierce this world is! ), So, the more day you are in terms of changes and new digital methodologies, much more land you will have gained and better strategies for your business you can implement.

So, pick up paper and pencil, and write down the 10 trends of digital marketing that you should raise in your strategy if what you want is to succeed in the next year 2019.

digital marketing trends

Fusion of electronic commerce with social networks

Do you remember when, a few months ago, Instagram introduced the purchase option in their publications? From that moment (until today), the purchase “Instagrammed” is a success, as it happens with other applications such as 21 Buttons, which allow the instant purchase option.

Without a doubt, users like to generate a social conversation with other users, at the same time that they have the opportunity to buy in that same place, benefiting from instant opinions, an inspiration of looks, etc.

Experience around the product

Through new digital features, such as augmented reality or image recognition, it is possible to generate a greater interaction between the user and the brand, simulating a digital environment that we no longer only watch in movies or cinemas; Now we can experience the users themselves in the first person. Also, virtual and augmented reality also manages to influence the consumer’s purchasing decision to a greater extent.

Gamification in social networks

As it happens, for example, in Snapchat or Facebook Messenger, through augmented reality filters it is possible to generate a higher level of engagement by the user. In this way, not only the communication through its app is encouraged, but also entertainment is generated by the user that, without a doubt, does not go unnoticed.

For example, how many times have we seen the typical puppy filter in Instagram stories, without saying anything in particular, beyond just trying out its image with puppy ears? The level of engagement is very high!

Understand that the brand not only sells a product

Following the strategy, for example, Netflix or Spotify, some brands will begin to give value to themselves, making the user perceive them, not only as a product to buy but as a service to subscribe to improve their level of life.

For example, Nespresso, for this 2019, will strengthen its strategy of identifying its coffee machine with a lifestyle, and not just a mere product. For this, it has introduced a minimum payment for its machine, while giving users the opportunity to subscribe to the periodic shipment of coffee capsules, generating engagement and commitment to the brand that keeps its customers loyal to it.

digital marketing trends

Creation of private social clubs

We all have a series of brands that we consider to be the most fans, over the rest. And, to encourage the user’s experience and engagement towards that brand to a greater extent, and to give the client a distinction that makes him feel more valued, brands like Nike are creating private communities that provide more profound experiences and connections unique between the brand and the user.

An example? The Nike House of Innovation in New York, a spectacular store where members of the Nike + community can pick up their orders at individual ticket offices.

Intelligent outdoor advertising

Until not so long ago, outdoor advertising was identified with the most traditional and least flexible offline media in the world. But this, however, has been changing more and more, until – in our days – traditional media such as mupis or billboards can adapt to that smart category that we demand so much. In this way, it is no longer so strange to see digital ads placed on mupis that change their message depending on the weather. What madness!

Get ready, because this comes stomping … The line between online and offline is increasingly dispersed …

New designs inspired by big data

If there is one thing that we have clear is that the large volumes of information related to users (data) are gold for companies. But, what we did not know is that all that information – which is usually used to improve the user’s shopping experience, recommending (for example) products that relate to their tastes – is now beginning to be used to create new products that serve to the needs of the users ; that is, totally new products, adapted in their entirety to the particular users.

digital marketing trends

New ways to reach your target in the post RGPD

The entry into force of the RGPD has been a huge challenge for the digital marketing teams, who have to comply with the new regulations to be able to get their campaigns to the target that interests them. A challenge that has motivated large companies worldwide have put the batteries to find innovative ways to get it.

What if I tell you that, depending on your current emotions and feelings, I showed you one ad or another, to which you will respond better? The New York Times has created a tool called Project Feels to measure the emotions generated by a particular page and, based on it, show one or another ad.

Connectivity expansion

Something with which we are incredibly familiar, despite its recent inclusion: a Live on Instagram (in which a conversation is shared between several people) or alive on Facebook are trends that will increasingly be used by brands to promote the engagement of users about them.

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