How to choose a powerfull shining pink diamond?

How to choose a powerfull shining pink diamond?

Without a doubt, how to choose a pink diamond for your jewel is not an easy task; and it is not even for many jewelers. Therefore we are going to ask you to pay attention to the advice that we are going to give you here in order to have an extraordinary shopping experience. These tips, and others to come, are also very focused on the couple when it comes to choosing the best diamond engagement ring.

The first thing you should take into account are the 4C’s; But what are the 4Cs? In its English acronyms the 4 C’s are: COLOR (color), CUT (cut) and CLARITY (purity) CARAT (weight). But beyond these characteristics, there are others that are not so well known and that have great importance when choosing the best diamond and we will refer to them in the next chapter.

Important factors of how to choose the best pink diamond

In the image we can see the characteristics described above and that we are going to develop without going into excessively complex questions so that these tips have practical use when choosing the best diamond .In my diamond courses I always try to explain that there are two ways to identify perfect diamonds . The first is undoubtedly sticking to the most academic, and that would come to tell us that the best color, together with the best purity and cut, results in the best diamond.And being true what was said before, I do not like to get away from the reality in which we live, therefore I like to say that choosing the best pink diamond is based on knowing what I want and how much I can spend.

Important features to choose the best pink diamond

pink diamond
pink diamond

The Color of Diamonds:

The color of the diamonds is graded taking into account the alphabet. The best color begins in D and the worst color ends in Z. White colors are those that are included between D and H, any of these colors allows the buy diamond to have a splendid color. Colors I and J have a little noticeable yellow tone and from K the tone is gaining in hue. Colors D and E are also known as RIVER, F and G as EXTRA WHITE and H as WHITE.

The Purity of pink diamond

This factor allows us to classify the gem based on its inclusions, the more inclusions it has the worse the gem will be classified. For this classification, a 10x magnifying glass is used. If we see inclusions with a magnifying glass of greater power they will not be taken into account. In the exposed image, the three worst qualities have not been taken into account, which are P1, P2 and P3, whose meaning is PIQUE, that is, diamonds with many inclusions seen by eye without the need to use the magnifying glass. Purities named as F and IF (FLAWLESS and INTERNALLY FLAWLESS) are reserved for diamonds whose inclusions are practically imperceptible at 10x magnification. VVS1 and VVS2 for very difficult to detect inclusions, VS1 and VS2 for diamonds that have very small and difficult to detect inclusions. From there the inclusions are more noticeable.

CUT or size quality

pink diamond
pink diamond

Diamond depending on the way they are cut have different number of facets. The brilliant cut (round) is considered the ideal one to have the best possible shine; in fact the brilliant cut is by far the most expensive. But this being said, it is no less true that you do not always carve as you should, sometimes for gaining weight to the gem and sometimes for lack of professionalism.Currently the CUT is divided into three: SYMMETRY, POLISHING AND PROPORTIONS. Each of these characteristics has a classification: POOR, FAIR, GOOD, VERY GOOD and EXCELLENT. The only two that are really good are the ones called VERY GOOD and EXCELLENT. None of the above allows exceptional shine. At Jorge Juan Joyeros we try to work only with TRIPLE EXCELLENT carving quality, and only VERY GOOD when we see that its proportions, symmetry and polish meet the most demanding standards.

CARAT: The weight of pink diamond

We bring the fourth C to this article in spite of ourselves. Why do I say this? Well, because saying that weight is a gemological characteristic does not seem very appropriate to us, and it does not seem so now or it never seemed so. To say that one of the characteristics to choose the best diamond is the weight does not seem much less adequate. It will influence the price because large diamonds are scarcer, but in no case is this a factor that influences the beauty of this wonderful gem.

CONCLUSIONS on how to choose the best pink diamond

  • Let yourself be guided by a professional.
  • Demand a Professional Gemological Certificate in diamonds from 0.30 carat
  • Avoid unknown or low credibility certificates: example IGL or EGL.
  • The best certificate in the world is the one issued by the American Gemological Institute.
  • Good color and good purity is not synonymous with a good diamond if it does not have a very good quality of cut.
  • White colors with few inclusions and a very good size quality is a very good purchase.

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