3 Electrical services Make to save electricity

3 Electrical services Make to save electricity

Electrical services is both an ecological and an economic objective! But how to do it? What are the right gestures?

At, unlike some suppliers, we do not produce energy: we sell the kWh at the same price as it cost us. We, therefore, have no interest in encouraging you to overconsume! And then, our ecological conscience prohibits us from advocating waste. This is why we support the idea of ​​energy savings of 100%. Not only is it good for the wallet, but it also helps reduce our impact on the planet. Win-win, therefore.

But sometimes we are a bit lost when it comes to saving electricity. How to do it concretely? What are the simplest and most effective eco-gestures to save electricity? Don’t panic, we’re here to help!

Here are our 5 tips for reducing your electricity bills.

1 – Control heating (and air conditioning) to save electricity

You should know that in France, most of our energy consumption is related to heating (67% of a home’s energy consumption is related to heating according to ADEME )! Yes, not to shiver while enjoying your dinner, it takes a lot of energy to run our heaters. However in France, according to ADEME, 31% of homes are equipped with… electric heaters. For many, saving electricity, therefore, requires heating.

The first step, of course, is to limit the temperature. No need to display 23 degrees on the thermometer in your living room! According to ADEME, the ideal temperature for a living room should be around 19 degrees. For empty or less occupied rooms 16-17 degrees are enough! As for the bathroom, 21 degrees are ideal for keeping warm when you get out of the shower. Obviously, if you are chilly by nature, a sweater or blanket will be useful, but you can increase the temperature by about 1 degree if you are always cold. Keep in mind, however, that each additional degree represents approximately 7% more energy consumed.

Also, remember to properly maintain your Electrical services heating to save energy: well cleaned, well maintained, it will consume less. The same goes for air conditioning if you have it. Avoid setting it too cold in summer to prevent it from racing and putting your bill and the planet overheating.

2 – Optimize the insulation of your home to reduce your electricity bill

Obviously, to control your electricity bills, nothing like having well-insulated accommodation. This prevents heat loss and saves money on heating. If you feel that your accommodation is a real colander and that your blood is frozen by drafts when you pass by a window, it is surely the time to make a diagnosis of your insulation and why not, at term, to consider work. This can quickly pay off because the initial cost of the work is quickly offset by the savings in electricity.

The savings can be all the more rapid as it is possible to finance part of your energy renovation work through the Energy Savings Certificate system, or CEE. This system allows individuals who wish to renovate their accommodation for reasons of savings and energy efficiency to be eligible for bonuses or financial assistance. For more information, visit the ADEME website here.

If work is a bit too cumbersome an option to consider, there are still the right things to do every day!No need to embark on a major project to protect the planet. Closing its shutters to conserve heat, turning off the heaters when you ventilate your home or positioning your curtains are already useful gestures to reduce your electricity consumption.

Electrical Services
Electrical services

3 – Manage lighting well: electricity savings at stake!

Lighting is also an important source of electricity consumption. Managing your lighting well is therefore fundamental to reducing your bills.

For this, the first eco-gesture is to bet on natural light! Yes, sunlight is free, it’s eco-friendly and it’s more pleasant than the aggressive artificial lights that we sometimes find in our interiors. There are even some who say that it is good for morale. So do your best to maximize the light entering your home, with large windows, well placed (but always well insulated to avoid heat loss). You can also install innovative devices like day wells or light reflectors like those from Especial! These innovative devices make it easy to reflect natural light from the outside to the inside of your home. Result: natural and free lighting that often turns off your bulbs and good reasons to take a look at  Espaciel light reflectors.

Then, you can opt for low consumption lighting, especially LED. Some lighting suppliers such as Electrical services Ecolicht provide access to custom lighting and low consumption! On the other hand, do not forget to turn off the lights in the unoccupied rooms and to adapt the lighting to your needs. Avoid too strong lamps if you do not need perfect brightness! You can, therefore, invest in dimmer lamps, which allow you to vary the brightness of your lights.

4 – Choose equipment that saves electricity

Another way to save electricity is to choose more economical equipment. Yes, your old oven whose seal is starting to come off may not be ideal for Electrical services cooking without burning your bills. Remember to check that your equipment is suitable and working well, and if you ever need to replace it, choose energy-efficient equipment. For this, you can refer to the energy label: equipment rated A is the most energy-efficient, it is these that you must choose if you want to reduce your electricity consumption.

This applies to all equipment: washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, small household appliances … Once equipped with the latest technology of economical devices, also remember to maintain them well and use them well to maximize savings energy. Prefer cold washing for your laundry, low temperature cooking for your oven, and properly set your refrigerator to save energy.

To give you an idea, here is the average annual consumption of the main household appliances:

  • Washing machine = 1150 kWh / year
  • Tumble dryer = 900 kWh / year
  • Dishwasher = 625 kWh / year
  • Oven = 365 kWh / year
  • Freezer = 350 kWh / year
  • Refrigerator = 200 kWh / year
  • Vacuum cleaner = 150 kWh / year
  • Induction hob = 140 kWh / year
  • Television = 110 kWh / year
  • Microwave = 40 kWh / year
  • Laptop = 22 kWh / year

5 – Bet on multiple sockets with a switch to avoid unnecessary overconsumption

Finally, the last tip to save electricity on a daily basis: don’t forget your switches! If possible, connect your equipment to multiple sockets fitted with switches: this allows you to simultaneously cut all the equipment that could consume unnecessarily in standby. Yes, whether it’s your TV, your oven or your computer, all of them continue to consume when they are off. It is, therefore, better to cut off the current! A simple eco-gesture, which costs nothing, but can bring in a lot.

With these five tips, you should do your best to reduce your bills and become informed, economical and above all engaged consumers! It will only remain to choose truly green Electrical services, thanks to 100% renewable electricity offers, to be a real consumer of electricity!

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